CH340 Windows 8 driver download

Download latest version of verified & working Windows 8.1 x64 & x86 driver for CH340, CH340G USB to Serial converter.

CH340 driver for Windows 8.1 x64 & x86

Driver details

CH340, CH340G & CH341 (USB-SERIAL chip) V3.4
Driver Version = 08/08/2014, 3.4.2014.08
CH340 Windows 8 driver details

CH340 Windows 8 driver installation

Open Device Manager - right mouse click on USB2.0-Serial, then left click Update Driver Software...

Open Device Manager – right mouse click USB2.0-Serial, then left click Update Driver Software…

CH340 Windows 8 driver installation step 2

open the directory with downloaded & extracted driver

open the directory with downloaded & extracted driver


Finished, Close

CH340 driver installed and working

CH340 driver installed and working

CH340G converter connection and pinout for programming

CH340G converter connection & pinout for programming Arduino Pro Mini

CH340G connection to programming Arduino Pro Mini

  1. thanks alotttt!!!! It worked!!!!

  2. It works great. Thank a lot………..

  3. Super! Thank you!

  4. It works great. Thank a lot……

  5. Finaly! :)

    Thank a lot! Btw i fix my Win 7/ 64 bit drivers…

  6. Wow you save my life men!!! thanks!!!!! greetings from ecuador!!!

  7. Awesome…!!!! You are the man…Thanks a lot dude.. :D

  8. now my uno ch430 board communicating well with pc,Thanks lot…………

  9. Nice work Boss!!

  10. It doesn’t work with Windows 10 , some solution?

  11. didn’t work for me… :/

  12. Thank you. Finally a working driver :)

  13. Well I can’t get this working on Windows 10 either…anyone have a work around for this?

  14. Works also very good for W10 !!!

  15. Funciona bien con este driver. Hay que instalarlo como dice el instructivo. Muchas gracias…!!!

  16. Doesn’t work with Windows 10, any solution?

  17. Thanks! Works with Windows 10 as well. In fact my copy of Windows 10 already had the older driver.

  18. Jacques Arongaus December 15, 2015 at 3:08 am

    Your driver was fully and successfully installed by win 10 finally. I just purchased a FeelTech Function Generator that uses this driver to interface with the Generator’s set-up software. No matter what, the software does not recognize the USB port for the communication.
    The software is called FY2300. Any ideas ???

    Many thanks.


  19. it worked for me with my windows 8 pc


  20. Thanks for the tutorials. Can you tell which laptop model you are using on the picture.

  21. You legend! This worked a treat!

  22. Hello, it doesn’t work for me, but I don’t get an USB 2.0 serial in the device manager but Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request failed). I installed the driver but it didn’t help and I can’t change it manually because my windows tells me it is not a valid driver.

    • Hi, when you get Device Descriptor Request failed you need to restart your computer. Then unplug everything and reconnect. If it still doesn’t work, there may be a power issue – try to use shorter USB cable or connect to other USB port.

      • Tenía el mismo problema, la solución fue ocupar un cable largo, ¡no mas corto! si es posible que tenga una bobina de ferrita en un extremo, así reconoce sin problemas en windows 10 64bits.

        basicamente el problema es debido al ruido, con un cable largo se tiene un efecto capacitivo entre los cables y el ruido desaparece y reconoce directamente el puerto COM. previamente había instalado el driver con el instalador ch431ser.exe

    • prueba un cable mas largo, yo tenia el mismo problema :)

  23. bro its working well thanks a lot

  24. Clyde Crashkop March 29, 2016 at 5:08 pm

    Thanks a lot. This one works for Windows 7

  25. Please help me doesn`t work.. i did everything
    Arduino Mega 2560 (china)

  26. Valeu pelo trabalho, ajudou bastante…

  27. hol leht ezt a kütyüt beszerezni, érdekelne az e-míil, cím, vagy ahol belehet szerezni

  28. windows 10 x64.
    1. conectar la placa al puerto USB.
    2. descargar archivo y decomprimir
    3. cortar el setup DRVSETUP64 y pegarlo en la carpeta anterior junto con el SETUP para 32 bits, en donde vienen todos alos archivos .sys
    4. ejecutar como administrador
    5. click en Install.

    Driver install failure es por que se trata de instalar para 32 bits cuando tiene que ser para x64
    es importante que primero conecte la placa al puerto USB.

  29. thnks it is very helpful..

  30. worked thanks!!!

  31. big thanks,

    OS Win7 64. It works quick and good.

  32. Thank you for doing this page. 8.1 Driver works on windows 10. Now to install it on mac. Does linux need this driver too?

  33. It’s working on XP! Unbelieveable!

  34. Hi,
    good work, but it doesn’t work with my PC/Windows 10 and clone Arduino/nano
    I installed CH341SER and I have this message ” The drive is successfully Pre-installed in Advanced! ”
    And I have nothing in the device manager
    Do you have an idea?

  35. Did not work for me using Windows 10 32 bit :-(

  36. excelente, no encontraba este archivo en ninguna parte y mi cd de driver tampoco funcionaba, Ahora con windows 10 todo es mas dificil.

  37. funktioniert mit Windows 10 64 Bit

  38. Sometimes it may be your lack of attention.
    It may just be a problem with the USB cable. Tests a cable change, a cable.
    With me it worked ^^

  39. work for my vinyl cutter made by yescom, they sent me a disk with a 32-bit driver and thank fully this one is the 64-bit driver. works perfect

  40. It is failing with me too on Windows 10 64bit.
    I tried running the installer, and trying the manual installation.

    With the installer i’m getting “Driver install failure”.

    And with the manual installation i get :
    Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device.

  41. THANK YOU SO MUCH. You just saved me $15 and countless more hours of searching

  42. thanks brooooooooooo…….

  43. Thanks – installed no problem on Windows 10 Pro 64bit using the setup.exe installer.

    Peeps – make sure the device is plugged into your computer when you install the driver or it will fail.

  44. SENTHILKUMARAN R July 1, 2017 at 3:44 pm

    it’s working on XP, very good, Thanks

  45. Thank you so much. salamat po…

  46. tnx very much… work prefect

  47. I installed it successfully on COM6 port. But Putty does not work. Event log says as follows. Please help…

    2018-01-09 15:31:56 Opening serial device COM6
    2018-01-09 15:31:56 Configuring baud rate 1000
    2018-01-09 15:31:56 Configuring 8 data bits
    2018-01-09 15:31:56 Configuring 1 data bits
    2018-01-09 15:31:56 Configuring no parity
    2018-01-09 15:31:56 Configuring XON/XOFF flow control

  48. window 10 please

  49. Worked perfectly on windows 10. Thanks a lot man. You just helped me dodge a bullet.

  50. Thanks worked!!!

  51. thank you very much.

  52. Para windows 7 por favor.. ayuda

  53. despues de intentar con todo , con este driver al fin funciona, thank you !!!

  54. it worked for me too thanks a lot…..

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